World Cultures Club Hosts their First meeting

Allison Silver, News Writer

The first meeting of the year for the World Cultures Club was held in room C104 on September 24, 2019.

The World Cultures Club is a student run organization focused on learning and teaching about different and unique cultures around the world. Interested students met to discuss upcoming activities and events later in the year, the meeting schedule, and the overall purpose of the club.

The meeting was run by the leaders of the club, including Maryam Khan, President of the club, Vice President Michaela Rusinko, Secretary Carl Gonzales, Treasurer Taylor Hurte, and Historian Lauren LaRoche. According to the returning club members, there were a lot of newcomers. 

One of those newcomers was MaryBeth Sullivan, who said, “I heard about the club from a friend, and I thought it sounded like it would look good on applications and things but it would also be a good way to get more involved in the school.”

Later in the year, the World Cultures Club will be hosting one or multiple World Cultures Nights, where presentations on different countries will be set up in the cafeteria for anyone to view. Last year, members of the club created presentations on their chosen countries and were allowed to bring snacks and music that represented their country. There were 17 presentations and over 45 people in attendance at the previous World Cultures Night.

“I decided to join the World Cultures Club when I heard there was going to be food, games, and learning about different cultures each meeting,” said a new face, sophomore Faith Sweeney, “That’s all I really want in a club!”.

This year, the heads of the club plan to work with Ro Kappa to set up a World Cultures Night at Bel Air Middle School and possibly other locations. A date is not set for the next World Cultures Night, but the next meeting of the World Cultures Club will be sometime in October.