Freshmen Fest 2019

Merrick Chojnacki, News Writer

On August 30th, 2019, the yearly event “Freshman Fest” took place once again at Bel Air Highschool. Freshman Fest is an event which allows all the school’s newcomers to explore all their classes and get their schedules as they prepare for the school year. 

The day starts at 9 AM and for the next fifteen minutes, all the freshmen have the ability to find their lockers and try to figure out how to open them successfully, although opening lockers can be challenging at first after a couple tries, most freshmen began to become more consistent. 

After opening lockers, all freshmen met in the gym. Mr. Albert Johnson, Assistant Principal had greeted everyone inside the gym and went over basic procedures. SGA Representative – Abigael Hartlieb, introducing new clubs after school for a place to make new friends and make freshmen step out of their comfort zone. School Counseling – Ms. Terry Knight, reassured all class rules and if there is a problem, that she is there to help.

After asking incoming ninth graders what were they looking forward to during the year, most have said they were excited for being able to take classes that they pick.  Others said that they were excited about how much more “freedom” they get to have. Some however said that they weren’t excited at all. 

“I don’t have any worries except for finding classes, but once I get the hang of it high school should be relatively easy”, said freshman Josh Robertello after being asked his concerns for the school year.

This year’s Freshman Fest was a success for most, and many of the incoming students are confident about the school year and more comfortable than ever.