2019 Festival of the Arts

Allison Impallaria, News Writer

On Sunday, September 17, 2019 the Festival of the Arts and was held in Shamrock Park in the town of Bel Air.

The festival had many different forms of art to see. This included stained glass windows,fall decor, Halloween decor and even candles.

 “It’s been great to be able to see everyones artwork,” said Carly Svboda, a festival goer from Bel Air High School.

Not only did the festival have artwork, but it also had fair styled food including for fries, hotdogs and catering by Independent Brewing Company.

“All the varieties of food stands provided was great,” said Michala Stencil, a Junior from Bel Air High School.

At 5:00pm festival activities closed and artists packed up, took down their tents and left the park.

“The day was great and was so fun”, said Lilli Sutton, a student from Bel Air High School.

Next year’s Festival of the Arts dates are still to be determined, but with all the fun activities that will occur, make sure to go!