Class of 2019 Graduation


Maria Makris

On Thursday, May 30, 2019, our Bel Air High school seniors graduated at Harford Community College. The ceremony was held at 6:00 pm and kicked off with an address from Principal Komondor.


      After a warm welcome from our principal, the audience was greeted by distinguished guests including Mr. Joseph L. Voskuhl, Senator J. B. Jennings, delegate Susan K. McComas, and Councilman Tony Giangiordano.


 “The past 4 years have been great, but I am very excited to graduate”, according to senior Ashley Davis, as she expressed her gratitude towards Bel Air high School and her time as a Bobcat.


      Following the greetings from our distinguished guests, senior Bobcats Noah Alexander, Riya Patel, class president Jessica Mills, and the 2019 valedictorian gave heartwarming speeches about their last 4 years in Bobcat nation.


      “Wouldn’t trade it for the world and wouldn’t go back for a million dollars”, says senior Jerry Grant.


      The ceremony then continued to present diplomas for the graduating class of 2019 and finished off with our bobcats taking their final steps out of the auditorium and into their new lives as graduates.


      We congratulate the class of 2019 for a memorable four years in the bobcat nation, as they move forward to the start of something new.