2018 Prom Recap

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2018 Prom Recap

Carmen Davenport

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The Bel Air High School Prom was held on Saturday, April 21, 2018 at Martin’s East. It lasted from 7 P.M. to 11 P.M. for seniors and their guests to celebrate the closing of the Seniors’ last high school career.

At prom this year, people had a lot of fun and enjoyed the new DJ the school hired. They had food and a lot of good music this year. People really liked when the DJ played the Yodeling kid remix. They also had the school’s after-Prom party at the Bel Air Athletic club from 10:30 pm to 4 A.M. Where they had games and raffles.

“Prom was really fun! The music, food, and dancing exceeded my expectations.” says Senior, Carolyn Doheney.

The after-Prom party took place at the Bel Air athletic club and was held by the parent association. They had many cool games like poker, and raffles you could enter in and win prizes like mini-fridges. People would go right after Prom and stay there until about four in the morning. However, it was not mandatory for students to attend the Prom to participate. People really enjoyed the after Prom party this year.

“The after-Prom was really fun, they had a lot of cool games and I watched my boyfriend play poker. He was really good at the game,” says Senior, Cassi Misciagna.

People really look forward to Prom all year and really enjoy one of their last nights with their fellow Seniors. It one of the last times you will see everyone together and be a class with each other, the night is full of dancing and music and fun games and food.

“After-Prom and Prom was fun, they had a lot of games for after-Prom and a good DJ for Prom,” says Senior, Autumn Nierwinski.

In conclusion, everyone who went to Prom seemed to enjoy it a lot this year. They upped the DJ and added very fun games and had good food. Everyone had a good time and enjoyed themselves and it always fun to see everyone all dressed up with the girls in long pretty dresses and the boys in tuxes.

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2018 Prom Recap