1st Ever Bel Air Olympics

Jake Rolocut

On Friday, February 23 2018, the Drama Buddies and Bobcat Choir came together for the first ever Winter Olympics at Bel Air High School.

The event was originally choreographed by Mrs. Blackburn but quickly found traction with other teachers like Ms. Pollard and Ms. Matthews. The decision-making behind which sports they would end up running was decided by the popularity of the sport and the availability of the items needed to make it happen.

The ceremony was opened up with Brennon Connor when he sang the “Olympic Fanfare and Theme” song and was concluded with a celebratory cake for all of the competitors. But before they could get cake they had to compete in ice skating, curling, bobsledding, biathlon, skiing.

“This was a way for the kids to come together and work towards the goals that they’ve been reaching for all year, to work together, communicate, and follow directions.” say Mrs. Blackburn

Although this isn’t they’re typical Friday, they often try and keep things light hearted, and have fun to close out the week. A day where the kids and the teachers just lay back a little–yet still get educated.

As I was the photographer there, I was taking pictures for the year book and the Bellarion’s twitter page and I noticed just how much fun the kids were having and it was truly inspiring.

Currently we are unsure when to expect the next Olympics, but if we had to make a guess it would be around 2 years from now with completely different games. It’s for the Summer Bobcats and it will be exciting to see what events and activities will unfold.