Powderpuff Game Info

Carmen Davenport

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On Monday, November 6, 2017, Bel Air High School will be holding its annual powderpuff game. The powderpuff game is an event where the boys will be cheerleaders, and girls will be playing football on the field. 

The game is flag football and is Juniors vs. Seniors. At 6 p.m. the game will start, the Junior and Senior girls will be playing football on the field, and see who will come out as the winners, meanwhile the boys will be doing cheers from the side lines and will do a half time performance.

“I like participating in powderpuff because it’s fun and challenges me to compete in a sport against my peers,” says Junior Jenna Goetz.

During the half time show, the boy cheerleaders will typically be doing a “cheer routine.” They will tumble and put up stunts like our regular cheerleaders do. On the sidelines, they will be doing classic cheers like “Dynamite”, and “Bobcats in the front.” to rowdy up the crowd.

“I’m excited to participate! I have wanted to do it since Freshmen year,” says Senior Camden Creighton.

Last year, the Senior girls won the football portion. Typically, the Seniors will have more players then the Juniors. This year there are about 14 Juniors participating that will be coached by Mrs. Smith. Additionally, there are 23 Seniors participating and are being coached by Mr. Austing.  

“I’m really excited to participate because it looks like such a fun event to be a part of!” says Junior Caroline Schumann          

There are obviously more Seniors then Juniors, so let’s see if the Juniors can pull through and play a good game. We also have a good amount of boys participating as Juniors, but the roster is mostly Seniors. This year’s game should be a good one.

In conclusion, the powderpuff game is usually a fun event to attend with your friends. It’s fun to watch the girls play football and funny to watch the guys as cheerleaders. It’s also another fun way for our school to come together and bond with each other.

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Powderpuff Game Info