The 2017-2018 Class Officers

Riley Kenney

In late September, all Bel Air High School students received ballots and voted on who they want their class officers to be, and the results are in.

For the Freshman class, the President is Trevor Lorin, the Vice President is Katie Airey, the Secretary is Julianna Kraft, and the Treasurer is Ashley Coard. They are all very excited to change and better the Freshman class.

For the Sophomore class, the President is Ava Goeller, who ran unopposed and the Vice President is Riley Patrick who also ran unopposed. The Secretary is Olivia Simon, and Jack Thompson is the new class Treasurer.

The Sophomore Class President, Ava Goeller, says, “I am so excited and motivated to make a difference for the sophomore class this year. I was president last year and I loved it. I am grateful to be president again and you can count on me to make a change!”

For the Juniors, The President is Brent Lorin, the Vice President is Grace Wehland, Secretary is Emily Wiechert, and the Treasurer is Julianna Parker.

Bel Air High School Junior, Julian Vazquez, says “I am very excited for the new class officers and trust them to make a difference for the class of 2019 this school year.”

Finally, for the Seniors, the Senior Class President is Josh Murrel, the Vice President is Erik Uebelacker, the Secretary is Julia Henry, and Treasurer is Nicole Salib.

Overall, Bel Air High School students are excited, and plan to trust these officers to lead each class in the right direction. The officers plan to make the 2017-2018 school year one to remember for every student at Bel Air High School!