Bel Air Prepares for Homecoming with Spirit Week

Lydia Thomas

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On Monday, October 2nd, 2017 homecoming week begins with “Get Up and Go” day. “Get Up and Go” day includes coming to school in whatever you went to sleep in. However, do not wear anything you would not feel comfortable walking around in public in, and follow the school guidelines for dress code. After school, on Monday there will be a faculty/student kick ball game. Please email Mrs. McDonough if you are interested.

Tuesday is scrabble day. On this day, you wear a shirt with a letter on it and go find your friends or meet new people to spell out words with using your shirts.

On Wednesday, October 4th, we will be celebrating decades day where you dress up like how someone would in a specific decade. Seniors will be 1980s, Juniors are 1960s, Sophomores are 1990s, Freshmen will wear anything from the 1970s, and lastly the teachers will be dressing like they are from the 1950s.

After asking Sophomore Kailee Wilson what day she is most looking forward to, she responded with “ I am most excited for decades day because I think it will be cool to see everyone’s ideas and take lots of pictures with my friends. “

Thursday, the 5th is class color day. Whatever color your grade is, or if you got a class t shirt, wear it! Class of 21, wear cherry red, class of 2020 wears teal, 2019 is Irish green, and 2018 is to wear neon blue. There will be a chalk the walk after school by the ticket booth near the football field. We will be taking people who want to be on a team for this, it takes about 45 minutes of your time and you will be able to color.

The last day before the homecoming dance, Friday will be blue and white day and senior crown Day. Wear anything you have that shows school spirit for Bel Air High school. There will be a pep rally during the school day, and then our Bobcats will take on the Fallston Cougars in football. The Neon Lights homecoming dance will be Saturday, so have your tickets ready and don’t forget to dress up for spirit week to support Bel Air!

Jazz Band Student Nathan Hott says he is most excited for the pep rally on Friday because “ I think everyone will have a good time, since it is the day before homecoming and I am looking forward to seeing all of the Bobcat gear and looking around in the bleachers seeing everyone who supports Bel Air High School. I really think that all of the teachers enjoy getting involved in the pep rally with the games because it brings everyone together.”

Make your class stand out by participating in spirit week. It only happens once a year, so you don’t want to miss being a part of it. Be creative and have a good time.

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Bel Air Prepares for Homecoming with Spirit Week