Everything You Need to Know about the SAT

Jake Rolocut

For high school students across the country worrying about the SAT, after reading this article all of you worries will have been washed away by the knowledge bomb that’s about to be dropped.
One of the biggest concerns you might have is: where do I start? Well, you can sign up by either visiting the college board website and signing up online or, if you’re a little bit more old fashioned, you can visit guidance and fill out a registration paper to be mailed in.
Now the next question is: when can I sign up to take the test? As of right now the earliest test you can take is going to be on March 11 which you must be signed up for by Feb. 10.
Eli Courtney, senior at Bel Air High School says, “One of the biggest tips I can give someone is to be smarter than the test. If you don’t know an answer eliminate what you do know can’t be right.”
This is one of the best test taking strategies that most people don’t utilize for the only reason that they get distracted by trying to find the right answer.
“I think one of the biggest things that people don’t realize is that you can start taking your SAT your junior year when most of the topics on the test are fresher in your mind.” Says Alexis Stone, a junior who just recently registered for the SAT.
After all of that, I guess the only thing else I have left to say is best of luck to everyone and just try to stay relaxed when you’re taking the test.