Army v. Navy Game

Jake Rolocut

On Saturday, Dec. 10, around 3: 00 p.m., the Army Black Knights closed the game out against the Navy Midshipmen 21 to 17.

This was a very special victory for all of those playing for the Black Knights, as it was the first time they had won the rivalry game since Dec. 1, 2001. If you don’t feel like doing the math that’s 15 years!

Before the game itself started at the M&T Bank Stadium, they had some of the greatest pregame festivities. They had paratroopers diving in tandem, landing on X’s the size of a chair seat, followed by some of the coolest attack helicopters taking passes.

“I’ve seen Ray Lewis come out of the tunnel 100 times and it always took my breathe away. I’ve seen T-sizzle come out to play the Steelers on a Sunday Night wearing a gladiator helmet. I’ve been to a Super Bowl and heard Ray Charles sing America the Beautiful… but my goodness seeing 10 paratroopers, 4 apache helicopters and 4 top gun fighter jets was the best pregame to a sporting event I have ever experienced!” says Mr. Blackburn, a teacher here at Bel Air High and an attendant at the game.

Looking at the games statistically, Army deserved to win, with more than double the possession time and over 150 more total yards. One of their only flaws being that they had 4 turnovers.

“From a fundamental standpoint Army deserved to win that game 10 out of 10 times,” says Eli Courtney a senior at Bel Air High School who was also attended the game, “just taking into consideration the ridiculous amount of possession time they had over navy should have been enough to win by itself.”

So, this time next year, when you don’t know if you should go to the game or not, you should definitely reconsider and make an attempt to get out there!