New Bobcats: Mr. Jamison and Mrs. Whitehead

Jake Rolocut

Just this year many new faculty members including Mr. Jamison and Mrs. Whitehead have made a great addition to the staff at Bel Air High School.


Mr. Jamison and Mrs. Whitehead are both always doing the behind the scenes work in an effort to keep our schools clean. After we head home they both spend hours on end to make this place look better than we left it.


Being an evening custodian may not be as easy as most of you would think. Their nightly tasks include that of emptying all the trash cans, restocking the paper materials, cleaning practically the room in the high school and much, much more.


“How can you not like the custodians at our school when they’re all so nice to us and try to make our lives easier!” Austin Rohlfing, a student at Bel Air High School, says.


Having a school without custodians is like having a sports team without water… Sure you could keep them going for a while, but eventually you’d have to stop practice and deal with all the concerned parents.


“I’m very excited to be able to work at such a great school like Bel Air,” says new employee Mrs. Whitehead, “and am very fortunate they chose to have me.”


Next time you come into school, remember that it didn’t clean itself over night and that someone spent a lot of effort making it that way. Appreciate all of your school staff members. Say thank you to custodians, in the halls or the cafeteria, when you get the chance… For all that they have done and continue to do!