Art Club Remains Active In Bel Air Community

David Walker, Staff Writer

While the National Art Honor Society has been unable to meet due to updated Covid-19 restrictions, they have remained on course for their plan to create a mural for the Lions Club Christmas Tree shed. Over the last 20 years the Lions Club has raised over $700,000 selling their Christmas Trees at Heavenly Waters Park, this has been their primary fundraiser, and all the money they earn goes back to the community. “This will be a great community project that we will be involved in, which will last for years to come and has been a tradition for decades,” NAHS head Rebecca Will stated, “The members are very excited but we won’t be starting the painting until Spring.”

While the shed project is not starting until Spring, the group has other plans to fill the time. The group will be making Valentines cards for the Chesapeake Cancer Alliance. The Chesapeake Cancer Alliance is a volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to supporting cancer patients, families, and friends while using resources provided by CancerLife Net. They will also be making gift bags for the patients at CancerLife Net. Creating these cards and gift bags will help make a lot of patients happy, and provide a light in this difficult time for them.

NAHS is also responsible for the painted windows on the outside of the office. They try to match the theme to the seasons.

Both of these projects are going to create lasting impacts on the people of Bel Air. The Lions Club Christmas Tree shed mural will add more holiday cheer to an already beloved tradition, and the cards and gift bags will make a lot of people very this happy during the Valentine seasons. Overall, the NAHS is doing a lot of good around the town, and they are looking forward to seeing their plans come into fruition.