The Predator


Peter Loftus

The Predator was released on September 14, 2018. Directed by Shane Black, it is a sequel to the 1987 film Predator and acts as the fourth film in the “Predator” series.

The plot centers around a young boy who accidentally uses a device that calls the Predators to Earth, and finds himself hunted by the murderous aliens. The film dominated in its opening weekend with $24,632,284 in 2 days. Despite having a fantastic opening weekend, the movie was hated by fans and critics alike. It received a 34% on Rotten Tomatoes, and online fans tore into the film like a poorly made chew toy.

There isn’t much to redeem The Predator. The film is almost laughably bad, and fails on almost every aspect of film making. The writing and acting is cringe inducing, and the movie is anything but subtle. The other films in the “Predator” series aren’t exactly masterpieces, but they all have at least one good aspect: entertainment. They weren’t Oscar bait by any means, but they were a fun watch. The Predator is anything but. The other movies were subtle enough to be fun and even scary at points, but this new film is so loud and flashy that it’s boring.

“This film is nothing but Hollywood crap,” said YouTube critic Voxis Productions, who made a 20 minute video ripping the film apart. Many online sources believe the poor audience reception is responsible for the film’s 65% dip in its second weekend.

Hopefully, after seeing The Predator’s eventual burnout, big studios such as Fox will see what fans, nerds, and critics really want when they spend almost $15 on a ticket: a good movie. I give this film a 3/10 because of its lack of story and entertainment.