Top 10 Songs in the United states (As of 9-14-18)

Andrew Corea

There is new music almost constantly being released. However, there are only 10 songs that can be deemed as the top 10 best songs in the United States. There are many songs that are popular, but this is a list of only the top 10 songs in the United States as of September 14, 2018.

  1. Moonlight – XXXTENTACION: The first song on the top 10 list is Moonlight by XXXTENTACION. This song can have two meanings. By looking at the words “Moonlight” and “Spotlight,” we can assume that he is talking about the fame he is getting for his music, being put in the spotlight of the media. XXXTENTACION is also referring to his struggle with mental health and how he is finding it difficult to deal with all the attention. This song can also be a love song. X says that she looks “good in the moonlight” which we can assume is about a girl that he likes. For me, this song is a 7/10 mainly because he repeats relatively the same line over and over.
  2. Happier – Marshmello: The second song on the top 10 list is Happier by Marshmellow featuring Bastille. This song starts with “lately, I’ve been, I’ve been thinking, I want you to be happier, I want you to be happier.” Bastilles vocalist Dan Smith had written these lyrics and then brought them to Marshmellow for him to add some his EDM beats. We can assume that Dan Smith was referring to an ex when he says, “I want you to be happier.” Later in the song he says, “the image of you being with someone else, well, its eating me up inside,” which we can assume is a line meaning he misses his past relationship. This song is a 9/10 for me because of the meaning behind the lyrics as well as the flow of the song in general.
  3. Nonstop – Drake: The fourth song on the top 10 list is Nonstop by Drake. This song is about Drakes wealth. The first verse is about accusations against Drake for not being an “authentic black rapper” He also says that his DJ, Future the Prince, “took the business and ran it for me” who managed the business end of Drakes career in 2013. This song is a 7/10 for me because there isn’t much behind his lyrics other than the fact that he is very wealthy and that he can take the accusations of not being an authentic black rapper.
  4. SAD! – XXXTENTACION: The third song on the top 10 list is SAD! by XXXTENTACION. This song is a sad love song. XXXTENTACION is very upset about his relationship that he feels is coming to an end. He doesn’t want It to happen as he says “Who am I? Someone that’s afraid to let go,” which is self-explanatory. He then says “Suicide if you ever try to let go. I’m sad, I know, yeah, I’m sad, I know, yeah” which is him threatening his girlfriend with suicide if she leaves him. For me, this song is an 8/10 because of the message behind his lyrics as well as the vibe of the song.
  5. In My Feelings – Drake: The fifth song on the top 10 list is In My Feelings by Drake. This song exploded when it was released and now there is a challenge for people to dance to this song. The first line is “Kiki do you love me?” which is referring to somebody Drake might have feelings for. The name “Kiki” is being linked to K’yanna Barber as they have been seen out together several times. This would make sense being as though he references, later in the verse, “KB” which are K’yanna Barbers initials. This is just a song about Drake being in his feelings, possibly for K’yanna Barber. This song is a 7/10 for me not only because this song has been overplayed but also because he doesn’t have much of a message behind his lyrics.
  6. FEFE – 6ix9ine: The song in the number five spot on the top 10 list is FEFE by 6ix9ine. This song has been another popular song recently. He starts the song by saying “King of New York, looking for the queen.” It is assumed that he is referring to Nicki Minaj as she is called the queen of New York rap. FEFE is a word used to refer to a pretty girl. This song could be referring to Nicki Minaj being the pretty girl. There are also a few references to shootings such as “Draco got that kick-back when I blow that, they all do track” which means that when he starts shooting, everybody will start running. He also says “Call an Uber with my shooter, with a Ruger, we gon’ do ya” which means that him and his crew will do a drive-by shooting while in an Uber. For me, this song is a 6/10 because of the messages behind his lyrics being about shootings and FEFE also being a name for something very inappropriate.
  7. Lucid Dreams – Juice WRLD: The song in the number four spot on the top 10 list is Lucid Dreams by Juice WRLD. Juice WRLD is known for the chill vibes his songs give off compared to the hard, fast, “pump up” kind of rap such as some songs by Futuristic. The real definition of Lucid Dreams is when the dreamer knows they are dreaming and may be able to change some of the dream characters or the environment of the dream. This song is about his recent breakup with his girlfriend at the time. Juice WRLD says, “I have these lucid dreams where I can’t move a thing Thinking of you in my bed.” which is referring to his heartbreak. He was so hurt by the break up that he felt he was paralyzed and could not stop thinking about her. This song is a 9/10 for me because of the chill vibe this song gives off as well as the meaning behind his lyrics.
  8. Lucky You – Eminem: The song in the number three spot on the top 10 list is Lucky You by Eminem. Lucky You is part of Eminem’s new album called “Kamikaze”. Eminem features Joyner Lucas in this song about the current state of rap and hip-hop. Joyner Lucas complains about the lack of recognition he gets in comparison to the “mumble rappers”. Eminem is rapping about the backlash he is getting for the quality of his music not being up to the standard of current rap. This song is a 7/10 because I don’t think Joyner Lucas and Eminem are good together in the same song because they have two completely different speeds and general vibes to their rapping.
  9. SICKO MODE – Travis Scott: The song in the number two spot on the top 10 list is SICKO MODE by Travis Scott. This is part of Travis Scotts album “Astroworld”, which was made with Drake. Travis Scott commented on a post by Bleacher Report of Drake with the caption “Checks over stripes, that’s what I like,” which is referring to Drake choosing Nike over Adidas. This song is just about Drake thinking Travis Scott, or “La Flame,” is going to go SICKO MODE or “beast mode”. For me, this song is a 7/10 because there isn’t too much of a meaning behind his lyrics other than the fact that Travis Scott is about to go off and get big.
  10. I Love It – Kanye West: The number one song on the top 10 list is I Love It by Kanye West. This number one hit featuring Lil Pump is trending now. The music video is being talked about as both Kanye West and Lil Pump looking like characters from a game called ROBLOX. This song has many obscene or pornographic lyrics which could be the reason that it is number one on our list because that is what this generation likes. This song is a 6/10 for me personally because there isn’t much variation behind the lyrics nor is there much meaning. The length of the song also lowers my score because of it being only two minutes and eight seconds long.