Edged in Blue: Overcast

Edged in Blue: Overcast

Lauren Winn

On December 1, 2017, the new and local band, Edged in Blue, released their first EP, Overcast. The EP features six alternative rock tracks that fit with the overall weather theme. Edged in Blue’s members are young and from Harford County, and Overcast is definitely an EP to listen to for its catchy guitar riffs, drums, and overall aesthetic.

“When I Think of You This Way” opens the EP with a steady drum pattern and vocals. This song is a little faster than the rest of the EP, and has great instrumentals and a guitar riff between verses and the chorus. The song mentions someone leaving “without a word” and it hurts to “think of [them] this way.” I enjoyed this song because it was slightly different from the rest of the songs with its guitar, it gave the EP variety.

My favorite song off Overcast would have to be the song it’s named for, “Overcast”, because it starts off with the sounds of a downpour and approaching footsteps, which is really intriguing to the listener and it follows the theme of the EP.  After the first 45 seconds, a rather slow and calm guitar begins to play and is followed by some piano notes and vocals. To me, personally, the sound of rain pouring is relaxing, and the song that follows is calming. The last 30 or so seconds close out the song with the sound of more rain falling.

Another highlight from Edged in Blue is their sixth and last track on Overcast, “Everclear.” The song starts with guitar and vocals that are slow and happy-sounding. The chorus repeats the phrase, “One moment here and then I’m gone…Everclear” which could be interpreted differently, whether it be from the perspective of a storm or a story of a person. I think this song follows “Overcast” because it’s showing the calm after the storm, giving the EP a closure that makes sense and is very creative. The last 30 or so seconds close out the song with a fast-paced guitar riff and drums, which is unexpected and fun after the moments of silence following Everclear.

Overall, I would recommend Overcast because of its calming effect, drums, and vocals. I also thought it was cool that a local band released this, and that Edged in Blue has great potential and could become a more popular band after this EP. I thought everything about this new release by Edged in Blue was great, and I can’t wait to hear what they come up with for their next release.