Digital or Traditional Art- What’s the Favorite?

Mollie Scurti, Staff Writer

Many people have a love for art, whether you see it on display, or through a screen, if its older or newer, the world of art never seems to cut loose when it comes to deciding which major you prefer. 

We all know Digital and Traditional art have been neck and neck with one another, seeing which people prefer or which one is more “realistic” and “accepted.” 

Many would consider digital art “cheating” while Traditional is more “old school.” I know personally, more people who do prefer digital art, the way you can easily delete and re – do any mistake you did not want.  

The older generations tend to prefer Traditional art, the way its created and the fact that it’s an “original piece” meaning no one can copy and paste it, or claim it as their own. The problem with digital art is the fact that it can be stolen and tends to be used as “AI filters” or “Merch”; some tend to steal it, slap it on a tee shirt and sell it for a quick buck as mass marketing. In this way, if a company gets ahold of a digital piece it can become corrupted or plagiarized as their own (or non-credited). 

The people I know prefer digital art– the new more modern way of doing things with a risk of it being stolen if posted online. 

So, to conclude, which platform is better?

Really, it is up to you, it’s your choice which you prefer. There isn’t a ‘better’ option, both have their difficulties and advantages, so it depends on the artist.

While many people do prefer digital, its more known that Traditional art is less ‘techy’ and more ‘old school.’ Digital can be more helpful when needing a quick way to undo your work.