Streaming Services: What’s Your Favorite?

Streaming Services: Whats Your Favorite?

Emily Bailey, Staff Writer

What streaming service is best for your favorite shows? There are many streaming services that you can pick from, but which one is the best? Junior, Emily Bailey and Junior, Aubrey Klarman ranked their top 5 streaming services from favorite to least favorite.  

Emily Bailey’s top five streaming services are:

1. HBO Max

2. Netflix

3. Disney+

4. Hulu and

5. Prime Video

Bailey stated, “I’ve recently been watching Full House, so HBO Max was my automatic number 1. The others kind of just fell into place with the amount of shows and movies they have that I enjoy. Hulu is lower for me because it doesn’t have as many shows that I like but is higher than Prime because it has How I Met Your Mother.” 

Aubrey Klarman’s ranked her top 5:

1. Disney+

2. Netflix

3. Hulu

4. HBO Max and

5. Prime Video

Klarman’s choice also reflects what she’s watching at the moment. “Currently, Disney+ is my number 1 because I’ve been watching so many old Disney shows to fall asleep, but Netflix has my favorite shows so it was an automatic second for me. I’m so busy that I barely ever have time for TV, but if I am watching it, it’s usually with my family and we use everything depending on what we’re watching.”

Based off of these rankings from Klarman and Bailey, would you agree? What are your favorite streaming services? 

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