The Best Games to Look Forward To: 2023


Official Promo Screenshot from STEAM of Scars Above

H. Chrysoula Skevakis, Staff Writer

Scars Above is a challenging sci-fi, third-person action adventure game that is gaining a lot of traction online from gamers prior to its release date.

Scars Above takes place on an alien planet, and your job is to help Dr. Kate Ward find the rest of her team and make it back to Earth. At first, Earth was fine…as it always goes, until the aliens showed up and stunned the earth. The “Sentient Conduct Assessment and Response” team (SCAR) is formed, but the mission goes bad, and the ship hauls the team away. Thus begins your adventure!

If this game might spark your interest, check out the Scars Above trailer, Twitter, and website on STEAM. It’s action-packed adventure is the fun that anyone could have asked for. And, as many would ask, you want to know– are there bosses? OF COURSE, there are bosses! But we’ll just have to wait to find out once the game premieres on February 28.

For more information, go to the creators of Scars Above and the official game info @