As the Records Turn: A Highlight of REB Records

Checkout the latest new music spot in Bel Air.


McKayla Lloyd

REB Records is located at 4 North Main Street in Bel Air

McKayla Lloyd, Staff Writer

You can find shoppers browsing away looking at the seemingly endless variety of records, CD’s, and pins as the music plays throughout the store at REB Records, located at 4 N Main Street.

Founded in the in summer of 2021 by owners Sean and Mark, the store originally opened in The Bel Air Armory before moving to its current spot on Main Street.  What started out as a hobby, according to Sean, one of the owners, inspired a record store to mimic one located in Baltimore that had since closed. Sean and Mark purchased all the remaining inventory to start their own business, and it has become a local hot spot music destination with a variety of genres of music available.




Some pins available for sale at REB Records. (McKayla Lloyd)

In addition to music, you can find pins, posters, records, and CDs of all sorts. The pins also are becoming a popular item in the store, made by Matthew, one of the stores associates. Matthew, who is affiliated with the comic book company  SeerNova Comics, had a machine press at home that made promotional pins and one day got the idea of making music pins for himself and friends.  Later, he pitched the idea to the record store. The pins pretty much are made from anything he can get his hands on. It’s a way of keeping a piece of the music with you.

The record store has grown since opening at the Main Street location, according to Sean. “[We] were growing in the armory and grew more due to being on Main Street. Business has since really been taken off.” Matthew agrees. “the store has at least grown in 30% of shoppers since opening.”

According to frequent shopper and BAHS student Clara Joiner, “I enjoy looking at all the different records, and pins. The store has so much to offer.”

No matter what kind of music you listen to, REB Records is a world that brings all kind of music genres and people together creating an amazing community. So run down to REB records today and grab a cool pin of Robert Smith from The Cure, or even David Bowie as the records turn in REB records.  

Vintage discs available at REB Records! (McKayla Lloyd)