Falling Inn Love Review

Daniel Whitehorse, Arts and Entertainment Writer

On August 29 2019, Christiana Milian and Adam Demos star in the latest romcom ‘Falling Inn Love’ a movie that seems determined to blend in with others of the genre for how utterly forgettable it is. The only thing this movie can be remembered for is the plot holes. 

The movie’s screenwriters seem to be unaware of how the internet works as the premise of this movie is Gabriela (Christina), after being told that her plans for an eco-friendly plan are being shut down, her realizing her boyfriend never loved her, and everyone making decisions for her, she gets drunk and enters a win an inn contest. “ As a kid, I imagined my dream home. You know, the fantasy mansion with a water slide and the ice cream parlor. Oooh yeah, that’s good. But those kind of dreams fade being busy running on the corporate hamster wheel. I’m ready for four walls and a roof where I call all the shots. As the saying goes, make a leap and a net will appear.  Well, I’m leaping.”

 And, as one can guess based on the title, she wins an inn and does not have computer viruses from what would be an obvious scam. This movie struggles to feel relevant and will constantly reference things that it seems to think a city-kid millennial would think if they moved to New Zealand. Yes, the inn is in New Zealand. “You’ve won an Inn. At Velred valley farms located as the picture is, beachwood down New Zealand.” This apparently is worthy enough for a zoom out of the city type of scream.

Gabriela moves to New Zealand on the possible scam and location of a house. And the second she gets off the bus, in the middle of nowhere, she realizes she has no phone signal and desperately searches for it by holding out her phone like she is begging God for signal and like the nomophobiac she is, she ignores the luggage that is rolling away. She meets the main protagonist because the luggage hits his car and they bend down to pick it up, a trend in this movie. He says that he didn’t expect her here because they are more of a work boots type of town. And to which, she showcases her (in countryside dirt roads) and says, confused, “These are work boots?”

She then references she needs to order a Lyft to which the main male protagonist offers to give her. And she has to go into explaining it. “Not that kind of lift. Like Lyft. With a Y. Like a Taxi.” 

She has done zero research on a place she will be living in. Once she gets to town, she meets five more characters. The best girl friend (one of which she left behind when she moved to New Zealand and the plot completely forgot about is going through marriage counseling and she simply tells her to just raid her fridge, “Here. Take these. Use my place as your meditative retreat.” I’m sure being there for her, even in text would be okay.), the gay couple (who routinely gives her free coffee “On the house. Our treat”) , and someone who is a snob and wants the house but will have a heart at the end of the movie, and a carpenter. Everyone except for the snob gives her completely free service and is heavenly nice to her. Yet she is wondering if she should stay, even though she has proved that she doesn’t care about her old life.

Things start to spark up between Jake and Gabriela and just when they are about to have the big confession of I love you, the ex shows up and further proves why he is the ex. Basically. For this whole movie, he has dismissed her opinions and her views and wouldn’t even let her redo his closet in an eco-friendly way out of fear of commitment “Once you start home renovations love just goes POOF! And it’s gone.” But when she finally proves to be making money, he seems to be interested.

 The romance starts from Gabriela acting as if she is independent and capable and not willing to accept Jake (the love interest’s) help even though she will move on to accept help from other people and she displays that she clearly does not know what she is doing and would probably die from starvation and thirst if this sympathetic gay couple didn’t take pity on her and provide her with coffee and snacks. With a script that is this poorly thought out, it’s clear that she does not know what she is doing for the movie barely understands this either. Watch this movie if you want a summary and an average for the entire genre.