Crafts Students Creating Stuffed Animals for Homestead Wakefield

Lauren Winn

Bel Air High School art teacher, Mrs. Jergensen’s crafts class has decided to interact with elementary school kids at Homestead Wakefield by making their drawings into stuffed animals.

The class will have a “field trip” to give the children the stuffed animal themselves. The animals are based off the children’s imagination after reading “Where the Wild Things Are.”The idea to collaborate with the Homestead Wakefield art classes came from Mrs. Jergensen. She, along with the students, are looking forward to giving the kids their drawings in real life.

“I really wanted to work with the schools that feed into Bel Air,” Mrs. Jergensen says. “I contacted the K-2 art teacher at Homestead Wakefield, Melinda Glackin. From there, we got the students’ drawings and began making soft sculptures of their drawings.”

Students have been making great progress in the process of making a stuffed animal, and they seem to be coming along well. Crafts students are enjoying this fun, different task as the kids’ drawings come to life.

“It’s been really fun to make the stuffed animals,” Sophomore crafts student, Amber Brown states. “I think mine’s turning out great, as well as everyone else’s.”

The crafts students are doing a very special thing here and are bringing to life young children’s creativity and imagination.