47th Annual BAHS Art Show


Lauren Winn

The Bel Air High School Spring Art Show is coming up on Thursday, April 5th, 2018, and will take place from 5-7 P.M. throughout Bel Air High School.

Art students from the school’s Fine Art Prep, Drawing and Painting, Crafts, and other art programs have selected a piece of their individual work they’ve done this year to display at the show. One of the most exciting displays of the night will of course be the official reveal of the school’s new unity themed mural that all the art students have come together to work on. Artist in residence Michael Kirby has also helped with the mural advanced art students created. The mural is large enough to cover a wall and is made up of a few smaller canvases.

“We are excited to reveal our unity themed mural the art students have worked hard on,” says art teacher and Bel Air High School’s Art department Chair, Mrs. Rebecca Will.

The mural can already be seen by students and staff on the second floor B wing of the school by the staircase closest to the main office.

Emilia Dziedzic, a Bel Air High School student says “The mural looks fantastic. I hope to see more around the school.”

Along with seeing original artwork from Bel Air art students, there will also be a variety of other activities and entertainment for attendees to enjoy. The National Art Honor Society and Art Club will be painting faces throughout the night.

“People should come to the art show to have a good time with music and great art,” said Drew Johnson, a Sophmore who will be playing live music at the show.  He continued saying, “I’m planning on playing requested songs and some originals.”

The art show will take place on April 5th. For more information, see Mrs. Will or Mrs. Jergensen.