Lauren Winn

The CW’s new show, Riverdale, has steadily been gaining popularity ever since its first season aired in January of 2017, and was put on Netflix in May of the same year.

Now that the second season has begun, Riverdale is continuing to grow in popularity. The show is set in a modern small town called Riverdale, with characters based off of the ones from the long running Archie Comics series.

Riverdale begins with a slow scene that quickly turns dramatic, as Cheryl and Jason Blossom head out for some sibling bonding on the river nearby. Cheryl is found by the water’s edge, soaked and in tears, claiming her brother drowned. However, the police never find the body, begging the question, “What happened to Jason?”

The first season continues to reveal dark secrets about the small town and the characters within while almost everyone is investigating Jason’s death. Characters Betty, Archie, Veronica, and Jughead dive deeper into the darker history of Riverdale as the season progresses.

Riverdale features new and old faces in the acting industry, such as KJ Apa (Archie), Camila Mendes (Veronica), Cole Sprouse (Jughead), Lili Reinhart (Betty), Luke Perry (Fred Andrews), and Mark Consuelos (Hiram). When the show was described as “Archie Comics characters meets Twin Peaks,” many doubted how successful the show would be. Nonetheless, Riverdale is one of the most trending shows today as it gets people hooked into its plot and constant cliff hangers.

The second season began to air in October 2017, and still gains popularity. This season focuses on the relationships between characters, and a devastating series of events that has the whole town on edge. This new series of events leave Archie, Betty, and the gang to figure out what’s really going on, continuing to dive into history with their families and the town.

New episodes air regularly at 8 PM on the CW every Wednesday night.