2017 Summer Music

Johanna Hoch

Listening to music can contribute to your mood and perspective, listening to a song that gives you a moment of remembrance and nostalgia is something every person will experience in their lifetime. I listen to music to change my mood, to fit my mood, or even to avoid my mood. Summer is the season people make the most memories. The downtime of traveling and vacationing leaves a lot of space for sitting back with your earbuds in. Anytime you have a flight, road trip, or extended (and much needed) time to relax, making a playlist ahead of time can help make even the traveling aspect of summer memorable and enjoyable. I think another advantage of having a playlist is when the summer ends and the groove of fall and winter start to settle, you can go back to that comfort playlist and reflect on your past.

A tip to a fulfilling summer playlist is having a variety of genres; you never know what song may resonate with you the most. Live music streaming apps make creating playlists and organizing your music easier and efficient, for example Spotify now creates daily mixes of similar artists and songs that are customized to the music you’ve shown interest in. There are music genres that my fit your vacation destination more than another. For example, a road trip to the mountains or a lake house may click better with classic southern rock, alternative folk, or even some Bob Dylan. A day laying out on the sand by the sea may call for some surf rock, indie rock or reggae. A night out in cities lights may call for a selection of rap, dream pop or electronic. On the contrary, you can connect to any of these genres at any place, we all have our own taste and perspective.

2017 Summer Playlist Suggestions:

“Sun in the Morning” by Future Islands

“Just like Tropica-L” by Soft Powers

“Tijuana Teal” by Heavy Hawaii

“Get up” by Washed Out

“Beach Rats” by The Growlers

“Eyes of the Muse” by King Tuff

“In the Evening” by Led Zeppelin

“King of the Sea” by Shannon and The Clams

“You’re too weird” by Fruit Bats

“Kiss the Breeze” by Sticky Fingers

“Shallow” by Beach Fossils

“Snakedog” by Together PANGEA

“Deadbeat Summer” by Neon Indian