What Music Means To Me

Daniel Meyers

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In my 17 long, noble years of life, I have never met anyone who does not love some type of music. The thing about music is that, no matter what, there is a song/genre for everyone. It is cheesy to say, but music really is a universal language. It is an escape, an outlet, and can take you on an eye-opening journey if you really listen and try to connect to the message a musician is trying to get across.

You can use music to cheer you up, get you ready for a party, or even just set the mood while you are laying out on the beach in the summer. Its boundaries are limitless and to me, music is one of the greatest things which we all have access. It is everywhere. You can make music yourself by singing or playing an instrument, or you can just listen to other people’s music on the internet. So many people around the world, undiscovered artists, share their original content in hopes of reaching people and sending a message and it is truly a beautiful thing. It is reassuring to know that while there are many negative things going on in the world, creative minds have an outlet in music that they put out there to share with anyone who wants to heal and listen. Human’s ability to write and listen to music such a privilege that we are given, and it is so amazing that many do actually realize this.

I feel so blessed to have the ability to share my emotions through music with singing, and the fact that I can reach so many people now-a-days with social media just makes it that much more amazing. When I start to write and release original music, whether I produce it in my house and post it on SoundCloud, or if I record with a well-known record label in a professional studio, I plan to be 100% real and write about things that mean a lot to me. I hope that the messages I put out there and sing about in my music will reach someone and help the world get to know me better in the best way. Through the process of me finding myself as a musician, I hope you all hear some of my original content one day and that you connect with and enjoy what you hear. The support everyone has provided me with these past four years with my singing has been completely humbling and amazing. I thank anyone who has come to a variety show or poetry slam to hear not only me, but also the other students in the school who I too love to see perform and express themselves through music, just as I try to do.  

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What Music Means To Me