Artist You Should Know: Day6

Erika Gonzales

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DAY6 debuted on Sept. 7, 2015 under the label JYP Entertainment with their first EP, The Day. They debuted with six members: Jae, Sungjin, Young K, Wonpil, Dowoon, and Junhyeok. Unlike most K-pop artists, they compose their own music and perform using musical instruments.

Jae, real name Park Jae-Hyung, competed in the very first season of Seoul Broadcast System’s show Superstar K. The show consists of three judges from the top three entertainment agencies in South Korea to find the next hit K-pop stars. Jae ranked 6th place in the competition, and signed a contract to train under JYP Entertainment and later debuted with DAY6.

Young K was active with the band Third Degree while he lived in Toronto, Canada with two other members. They auditioned for JYP Entertainment’s global auditions held in Toronto and only Young K and Don Lee were accepted. Unfortunately, Don Lee left JYP Entertainment to pursue his career as a dentist. Young K was later recruited to debut under DAY6.

Sungjin is the main singer, songwriter, and leader of the group. Although he mainly shows his acoustic guitar skills in front of the fans, he is also an exceptional dancer. The other members say he resembles other K-pop idols, but the most interesting resemblance is between him and Bob the Builder.

Wonpil is the synthesizer, keyboard, and vocalist of the group. One of his special talents is playing the MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), a protocol that allows electronic musical instruments to play back music on digital synthesizers. He is considered the oddest member out of all of them with his interesting hobbies such as his love for his pink sweaters.

Dowoon was the last member to join DAY6 as the drummer. Originally, DAY6 was set to be called 5LIVE until his addition. The other members tend to give him more encouragement due to his shy personality and his late addition to the group. He is currently taking vocal lessons due to his short training period.  

Junhyeok was the keyboardist and vocalist of the group before leaving the group for personal reasons in 2016. Soon, he joined a new band under V Entertainment called Be-Blossom. This group consists of four members and debuted in Oct. 2016. Fans expressed their excitement to see Junhyeok back to making music and support his future endeavors.

At the beginning of 2017, DAY6 announced that they will release new songs every month of the new year and called this the “Every DAY6 Project”. Every 6th day of each month, they will release two new songs in hopes of promoting their music to the public. Their latest song releases are “DANCE DANCE” and “Man in a Movie”.

Recommended songs:

  • “Letting Go”
  • “First Time”
  • “Congratulations”
  • “I Wait”
  • “Blood”
  • “How Can I Say”
  •  “You Were Beautiful”
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Artist You Should Know: Day6