13 Reasons Why Overview

Daniel Meyers

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On March 31, 2017, Netflix released an all-new original show called 13 Reasons Why. In the past, Netflix has produced many hit original shows, including, but not limited to: Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, and Fuller House. However, none of these shows had the controversial impact that 13 Reasons Why has had on millions of high school students, possibly making it one of the most impactful shows of our generation.

The show follows 16-year-old Hannah Baker’s high school experience through tapes she left behind after her tragic suicide. There are 13 tapes that explain the reasons she decided to end her life, hence the title, 13 Reasons Why. After realizing what the title actually means, it is not hard to conclude that each episode would not only be controversial, but also eye opening for students and parents alike.

13 Reasons Why addressed touchy subjects such as rape, bullying, betrayal, and obviously suicide. It also shines a light on the importance of being aware that everything you say really does have an impact on others. Most felt sorry for Hannah Baker and sympathized with her experience, but the show received mixed reviews on the fact that Hannah may have just been too sensitive.

Nevertheless, the show still has the nation talking to this day and is constantly on and off the Twitter trending charts. I personally believe everyone should watch 13 Reasons Why because its message is extremely powerful. If the watcher is able to grasp that message, take what they have learned, and apply it in their everyday life, the high school experience, and life in general may just be slightly more pleasant for everyone.

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13 Reasons Why Overview